Five Questions with ‘Between Earth and Sky’

9 November 2020

On RISE News we’ll be catching up with someone from behind the scenes of some of the listings of the RISE Calendar to gather a insight into the work behind the experiences our great Canberra community are creating.

Today we find out more about Between Earth and Sky, a Solo Exhibition by Mellissa Read-Devine at Humble House Gallery.

Tell us more about your Between Earth and Sky. “Between Earth and Sky” is a celebration of the landscape. Artist Mellissa Read-Devine explores scenes from around Australia and uses her impressionistic signature style of bright bold brushstrokes to depict  her contemporary joyful vision of the natural world.

Why did you want to create this particular event? The opportunity to exhibit in Humble House Gallery’s beautiful artspace was the inspiration. I wanted to bring a celebration of colour and optimism after a difficult year and have the viewer feel refreshed and a little brighter just from visiting the show.

What is it about Canberra audiences that made you want to do this? Normally exhibiting in Sydney and the Gold Coast, I felt it was time to share my work with a new audience. I had lived in Canberra in the past, in fact two close members of my family were born here. I feel I have an affection and connection to the city, which is renewed every time I visit.

What are you most excited about for Between Earth and Sky? The minute you enter the grand gallery entrance at Humble House Gallery, you are immediately immersed in my vision of the landscape. I was more than delighted to finally see my works all together on the wall as I normally see them singly as they sit on the easel in my busy cluttered studio.

What would you like to see happen when things ‘return to normal’? I have really missed the social aspect of my normal arts practice – event openings that buzz with excitement and delight at new work by fellow creatives. These abnormal times have brought about new opportunities to be sure – new ways to view and experience the arts; but virtual is no replacement for actual.

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